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Best Criminal Defense Attorney San Antonio

While facing a criminal charge before or after an arrest it is critical to seek out your best legal representation options. Finding a skilled attorney important. Finding an experienced attorney is also important. But finding both skilled and experienced legal counsel is great. But finding a passionate, caring lawyer is THE most important step to take.

Find all three of the above and then you are in good hands. Thats what we do on every case. Contact us for further information on how we can help you.

Our office will passionately fight to win your case

We handle DWI, Drug Possession, Assault, and various other misdemeanor and felony cases.

Why a San Antonio Criminal Defense Lawyer?

The courthouse is busy on a daily basis. There are many cases filtering through the court system. The best San Antonio Criminal Defense Lawyer will up to date on the latest laws and never compromising excellence.

There are attorneys who will take the money and not do the work. Be sure to discuss your case and take a few minutes to see if you have a trusted connection with the attorney you speak to.

Whatever your pending case is you do not want to receive anything worse than a Deferred Adjudication probation. But in many of the cases I handle that outcome is unacceptable.

Defense Attorney Bexar County

There are a variety of legal issues that we handle. Bexar County has several different courts. When looking for criminal attorneys in Bexar County do not over look what we do for our clients.

Contact us for your legal issues. We can assist you and if not, we will find out how or who can help you best.

First Offense DWI in San Antonio

For someone who gets accused of a San Antonio DWI First Offense it can be painful and inconvenient. It is also fortunate situation to be in as well. There are other options to avoid a DWI conviction since this is the first.

In my experience there are, in many instances, a second chance in order to give a person a chance to improve their situation. Subsequent DWI charges are more difficult to keep off a person’s record but not impossible.

A DWI first offense can be a Class B misdemeanor or Class A if the Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) is .15 or higher.

It is critical to hire the best attorney for your situation and keep the first DWI charge off your record.

DWI Lawyer

There are many attorneys who advertise as DWI lawyers. Few are really and truly San Antonio DWI lawyers. Be sure to contact us first. Eric has years of experience and training to defend driving while intoxicated cases in Texas. Eric has represented thousands of DWI cases with success.

DWI arrests are usually followed up by a breath or blood test. If the driver refuses a breath or blood test a warrant can be issued to force a driver to give a blood draw.

It is important for your lawyer to find out if the breath or blood test was done properly and can be proven in trial.

The breath tests in Texas are conducted by an Intoxilyzer 9000.

Click the link for information on Texas DWI blood test results.

For a blood alcohol concentration comparison chart click BAC Chart.

Being arrested for DWI in Texas is not an automatic conviction. The attorney needs to investigate and probe into the case to find the weaknesses. Simply relying on the police report to find the truth will never do. Call us to find out what more needs to happen to try to keep a DWI off your record.

You need a skilled San Antonio DWI Lawyer whether it is for a first offense dwi or it is a San Antonio Felony DWI Attorney needed for your case.

Eric Torberson National College For DUI Defense

San Antonio Assault Lawyers

Assault cases can be complicated. There are usually 3 sides to the story. Each side has a version and there may be a more objective version. When things calm down a thorough investigation into the matter must be done with your experienced defense lawyer.

Assault cases can involve people who do not know or reside with each other. Other cases can be between family members and are considered family violence.

Domestic Violence San Antonio

Domestic violence cases happen and at times are based on heightened emotions. Stories get exaggerated and tempers heated. Once things cool down and experienced assault defense attorney can sort through the stories to find what the truth is. It is never as bad as it seems.

The police record the information through their filter at the time of the call to 911. Many times they have made up their mind before even arriving at the scene.

San Antonio usually has about 3,000 domestic violence calls per month. Many times these calls end up with someone getting arrested for assault family violence. Some will also have a protective order issued at the request of the victim or simply by the magistrate’s request.

Contact us for more information.

San Antonio Protective Order

There may be an option to have the Bexar County District Attorney’s office file a protective order. This would be for someone living in Bexar County who has been an alleged victim.

To see the qualifications look at the Bexar County DA’s office protective order page.

With an allege domestic violence situation protective orders can be very helpful or very inconvenient. If it saves someone from harm that is great. But if there is no danger of harm or no harm ever happened it splits up a home and forces someone to move out. This can be costly for the person who may have to rent a hotel room to live in during the period stated in the protective order.

Affordable San Antonio Attorney

In order to get a skilled defense lawyer there will be a fee. The fee charged needs to be comparable to the service provided. Eric always provides more value than the legal fee. Always do more than promised. We leaved clients feeling that they are very pleased for choosing us. Extraordinary results for the price we charge.

“Always do more than is required of you.”

― George Patton

San Antonio Traffic Tickets

If you are looking for a Class C San Antonio traffic ticket lawyer give us a call. Traffic tickets can be a hassle to deal with but don’t let them get you down.

Keep the tickets off your record. There is no need to have your insurance rates rise.

You will not want anything worse than a Deferred Disposition.

CDL Lawyers in San Antonio

Commercial driver’s license drivers put their license and career in jeopardy by facing a conviction for a traffic offense. For more information on drug or alcohol issues with a CDL click this blog post

For a CDL driver with 2 serious offenses in 3 years there is a 60 day disqualification. For 3 serious offenses within 3 years there is a 120 day disqualification period. This is while operating ANY MOTOR VEHICLE not just a commercial motor vehicle.

A serious traffic offense includes the following:

  • Excessive speeding
  • Reckless driving
  • Improper or erratic lane change
  • Follow to closely
  • Rail road highway grade crossing violation

For convictions for alcohol, leaving scene of accident or felonies there is a 1 year suspension for the first offense. A lifetime disqualification for a second offense.

San Antonio Dangerous Dog Lawyer

If your dog is accused of biting or attacking call us to help. Attempting to defend your dog by yourself can put your dog’s life in danger. The courts do not always give animals due process in court. You want your pet to have a fair court hearing so call an experienced Dangerous Dog lawyer to make sure your pet is defended properly.

Also if you have been bitten by person’s dog you may have a personal injury claim against the dog owner to be compensated for you injuries. Call to find out.

San Antonio Animal Ordinances

It’s good to be aware of San Antonio animal laws. You can take a look at the San Antonio Animal Ordinances site to see the animal ordinances. They apply to the area within the City of San Antonio city limits.

If your dog is accused of biting someone and you are having a problem getting complete information about an incident, a San Antonio Public Information Request might be needed. Take a look at the link San Antonio Open Records.

San Antonio Noise Ordinance

Noise ordinances exist throughout the different municipalities in Texas.

The San Antonio noise ordinance is written in the code and is available online. The different noise levels allowed and times of day are listed.

For more information check out this San Antonio noise ordinance blog post

What is a San Antonio Noise Nuisance?

Noise nuisance shall mean any loud, irritating, vexing or disturbing sound originating from a nearby property under separate ownership which causes injury, discomfort, or distress of a person of reasonable nervous sensibilities, or any sound that exceeds the maximum permitted sound levels specified in subsections 21-52(a) (6)(b), (9)—(12), and 21-60(b).”

If you need a decibel meter to test noise or music here is a link to amazon- Decibel Meters.

How to Find Out if Someone is in Jail in San Antonio

The Bexar County Jail has a website where a search can be done to locate a person recently arrested by using the Bexar County Jail Inmate Search. To find an inmate’s court date use this link to Bexar County Inmate Court Date Search.

San Antonio Warrant Search

To search for a San Antonio warrant you can call or visit in person at the Bexar County Sheriff’s office central records at 200 N. Comal St. San Antonio, TX 78207-3505. The phone number to the office is 210-335-6201.

San Antonio Cash Bond For Inmate

For an inmate wishing to bond out with a cash bond use this link to read about Bexar County Cash Bonds.

Bexar County Personal Bond

To get a personal bond in Bexar the following qualifications should be met:

  • You must be a resident of Bexar County
  • You must be in jail on a Bexar County offense
  • You must not be on parole, bond, or probation
  • You must be willing to appear in court until the case is completely out of litigations
  • You must provide positive identification

First degree felonies and a history of bond jumping will disqualify a person for a Bexar County Personal Bond as well.

The following information will be needed when calling the Pretrial Services Office:

“The correct spelling of the client’s full name and birth date. The client must have a valid Texas driver’s license or state identification card, and a social security number. In addition, you must provide the client’s address, phone number, place of employment with phone number, and three (3) local references; name, address, and phone number, too.”

Call a Pretrial Screening Investigator at 210-335-1371

Bexar County Courthouse

Bexar County Courthouse

100 Dolorosa
San Antonio, TX 78205

Bexar County Website

Bexar County Justice Center

Cadena-Reeves Justice Center

300 Dolorosa
San Antonio, TX 78205

Bexar County County Courts

Bexar County Criminal District Courts

San Antonio Municipal Court

San Antonio Municipal Court phone number

(210) 207-8970

Physical Address:
401 S. Frio 
San Antonio, TX 78207-4432

Monday – Friday:
8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

The San Antonio Municipal Court is a court of record. This is important to know because if you have a trial you will need to make sure the court is recording the trial. A court reporter’s record will be necessary to appeal your case to the Bexar County Court if you lose.

Here is information about how an appeal works from the municipal court-

San Antonio Municipal Court Appeal Information

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