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Hays County Criminal Lawyer

When you need to feel confident about getting the best result, call us. We are here for our clients and have excellent results. We accept all criminal defense cases: Misdemeanor and Felony.

Some examples of criminal cases are drug, alcohol, theft, driving offenses, offenses against property and offense against persons.

San Marcos DWI Attorney

It takes a trained and dedicated lawyer who knows how to defend DWI cases in Texas. You need to be aware that your driver’s license is at risk of suspension 15 days after the arrest. Call us to find out how to win your case.

As of September 1, 2019, the new Texas DWI law has become significantly more expensive. Any DWI arrest after 9-1-19 is subject to extra state fines from $3,000 to $6,000 not including the existent statutory $2,000, $4000 or $10,000 possible maximum fines.

Trained, skilled and successful as a DWI attorney in San Marcos, Tx.

DUI and DWI arrests seem worse than they usually are. Be sure and do not miss the 15 deadline to save your drivers license from being suspended automatically in 40 days.

There are alternate ways to resolve DWI cases. We try for a dismissal when possible. Alternate resolutions of a DWI case range from dismissal, Public Intoxication, Reckless Driving, and Obstruction of Highway. There is also deferred adjudication now for certain DWI charges.

Hays County Assault Causing Bodily Injury

Assault can be classified as a Class C Misdemeanor up to a 1st Degree Felony. Many cases fall in the Class A Misdemeanor level involving Assault Causing Bodily Injury. The bodily injury to the victim only has to be pain. In many cases there is at least a mark that the police observe and photograph.

Assault Bodily Injury Family Violence is an assault charge where there are room mates, spouses or a current or prior dating relationship. It is critical that a person avoid a conviction for a couple reasons. There is a lifetime ban on gun ownership and a subsequent accusation will be a felony charge not a misdemeanor.

Domestic Violence

It is important to retain a skilled and qualified Domestic Violence Defense Attorney to defend against these charges. They are very serious accusations with lifelong consequences. These charges often come with a victim protective order that kicks a spouse or room mate out for at least 31 days.

You will need the best Hays County Assault Defense Attorney you can find to protect against a permanent record with this charge.

Affordable San Marcos Attorney

Not every great lawyer charges a fortune. We work with our clients to make representation affordable. Access to justice should not only be for clients with all the money upfront. We look at each case and speak to our clients to determine if a payment plan is appropriate.

San Marcos Tx Jail Inmate Search

If you are looking for someone who may be in the Hays County Jail there is an online page to do a Hays County court records and inmate search.

San Marcos Arrests

The following link lists arrests by the San Marcos police department. Click the previous highlighted text.

Hays County Criminal Court

Depending on the level of offense a person is charged will determine which hays county criminal court the case will be filed in. Misdemeanor cases take place in the Hays County Court Courts at Law. Felony cases take place in Hays County District Courts.

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