Eric handled my case effectively and professionally. He made himself available from day one. I have the up most confidence in Eric”s strategy and performance. My case was complicated, he did thorough research and achieved the best possible outcome for me. He truly cared about me and my families well being and future. Thank you, you are Outstanding !!!!!

Excellent attorney who will go the extra mile!

Words to describe Mr. Torberson – professional, polished, and effective. He was very helpful in my Wilco case.

“When I found myself facing a charge for a violent crime that never happened, I felt degraded and alone. Despite my best attempts at negotiation, the court refused to listen to me and insisted on either convicting me without any objective evidence or taking a deferred disposition.  Desperate for help, I eventually turned to the office of Eric Torberson.”

“Mr. Torberson was one of the few people who genuinely seemed interested in hearing my response to the charge. Though I was financially limited, he worked with me to find a reasonable way to help me in my unexpected struggle with the city court. Through his hard work, my side of the case was heard, and the inconsistencies, falsifications and improper conduct relating to the charges against me were exposed.”

“Thanks to Mr. Torberson’s dedication, I am able to live my life without an undeserved criminal record. For anyone in a struggle with the justice system and looking for help, call Eric Torberson. He will fight to defend your good name.” T.O.

“Eric Torberson is the lawyer you should retain Hey Eric just wanted to say thanks for a outstanding job over the last four years. You have gotten both of my dwi dismissed you took care of both cases in a very professional way. I highly recumend you to all who may read this and to my friends and family as well thanks again Eric for a job well done.”

“I was scheduled for a dangerous dog hearing appeal and Eric delivered in very short notice. My dog bit someone on my property and is suing. We already went through a hearing that classified my dog as “dangerous”. I appealed the ruling and consulted Mr Torberson in the meantime. He was a rock star in court and the judge disagreed with the original hearing result. She said my dog is by no means dangerous and over turned the ruling….stating he was doing his job. We couldn’t have done it without Mr. Torberson’s help. He and the judge were obvious dog lovers and understand the importance of human error! Thank you so much Eric. Words can’t describe our gratitude for your advocacy for our dog Barkley!”

Eric was very professional and encouraging throughout the process. He encouraged me to have a positive attitude and that a positive outcome would happen. That’s exactly how it worked out. Very grateful for his help!