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My firm has consistently provided successful defense representation in Lee County for various criminal defense matters. I handle a wide range of criminal offense from DWI, DUI, possession of drugs, or various other charges.

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Lee County Texas DWI Attorney

A common arrest in Lee County Texas is a DWI or DUI case. It is important to have an excellent Giddings Texas DWI Lawyer on your side. The county’s traffic can be congested with the traffic lights and heavy traffic, especially for those traveling from Houston to Austin on Highway 290. The police use stationary radar and patrol opposite lanes of traffic to enforce traffic laws.

If driver smells like alcohol, it is almost certain that the driver will be asked to step out to explain the situation. The same will take place is marijuana is smelled in the vehicle.

A good DWI defense attorney will go over all of the evidence looking for problems with the investigation of the case. I get all the evidence and evaluate it with my client before beginning the negotiation process at the courthouse. Speaking to the prosecutor takes place in court or before court by phone or in person.

Giddings Drug Defense Attorney

If marijuana is detected during a traffic stop, the police are likely to search the vehicle for drugs. It is crucial that the stop is legally justified, as any drugs found during an illegal search may not be admissible in court. Sometimes, more than marijuana is found during the search. Depending on what the vehicle’s occupants tell the police and where the drugs are discovered, one or more people may be charged with drug possession.

All Misdemeanor and Felony Cases Handled

There are a variety of cases my office has handled. Many domestic violence, drug, alcohol, theft, and other cases on all levels. Many cases involve driving leading to police detention. Other cases involve accusations involved at a premise. Either way the police need to have a reason to detain a person or ask questions.

Assault family violence or domestic violence charges are a common charge between couples or roommates. If in need of a Giddings assault family violence defense lawyer call the number.

Lee County Texas Traffic Lawyer

For traffic tickets in Giddings or Lee County, contact us. Class C misdemeanors can lead to license and job issues in the future. I handle cases related to DWLI, DUI, driver’s license suspension, insurance, speeding, and other traffic violations. Options like deferred disposition or defensive driving may also be available. Check out these links, deferred disposition or defensive driving.

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