Criminal Defense Lawyer Job Description

Eric Torberson

Lawyers, like many people, are asked all the time about what it is that they do for work. The lawyer will answer, “I practice law.” But the inevitable next question will be “what kind of law do you practice?” The person asking is usually eagerly awaiting to hear the answer. Sometimes they are not greatly impressed when they hear “criminal defense attorney.” Some people judge people who are arrested and accused of a crime. It is important that people know that an accused person is innocent until proven guilty. 

Everyone in the United States is entitled to defend themselves after being charged with a criminal offense. They may also hire an attorney. The constitution importantly provides the right to know the charges brought against them and that they must be proven in a court of law by beyond a reasonable doubt. Mere accusations should mean nothing unless they are able to be proven beyond a reasonable doubt.

The founding fathers made sure that these rights were included in the U.S. Constitution known as The Bill of Rights. This was important to the people in the colonies while they were breaking away from the idea of tyranny and England’s rule. On top of that England was attempting to highly tax colonist goods. The sugar, stamp, and the Townsend Acts. Then there was the Tea Act of 1773. 

The criminal defense attorney, once hired, has a duty to his or her client. The attorney has an ethical obligation to follow through with to the client. Each state may have a variation in their ethical rules. 

This means to zealously represent the client and to keep confidential communications a secret. The attorney leads his or her client through the legal process and keeps the client informed about the procedures and current case status. The client needs to have all the information and be allowed to make an informed decision on whether to take a plea offer or have his or her case taken to trial. 

The criminal defense lawyer is not a bad person even though he or she represents people charged with bad crimes sometimes. If our country ignored the constitution, we would be no better than a third world country with little or no laws. Some countries throw their citizens in jail for exercising their opinions. Or even worse they are beaten or killed. The legal process with its checks and balances exists for a reason. An innocent person going to prison is an unacceptable and tragic problem for the justice system. It needs to be adamantly avoided. The criminal defense attorney has an important role in the legal process and without the defense lawyer, the legal process would not be possible. 

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Author: Eric Torberson

Eric Torberson is a licensed attorney in Texas as well as licensed in the federal courts of the southern and western districts of Texas.