How long is your license suspended for a DWI in Texas?

A driver’s license is suspended for differing amounts of time depending on how old the driver is and whether there are previous suspensions or convictions in the driver’s past. Below is a chart showing driver’s license suspension periods for DUI and DWI charges.

This chart below is the suspension periods based on the DPS Administrative License Revocation hearing results. Also these apply if the driver does not request a hearing within 15 days of refusal or failure to provide a specimen.

AccusationDL Suspension Driver under 21DL Suspension Driver 21 an up
DUI (minor only) or DWI who consensual breath/blood test failure with no priors60 days90 days
DUI (minor) or DWI (prior within 10 years) consensual test breath/blood failure with prior120 days1 year
DUI with 2 or more prior convictions180 days
DUI or DWI (prior within 10 years) refusal with no prior180 days180 days
DUI or DWI refusal with prior 2 years2 years

The suspension periods for the actual criminal court cases with the different DUI and DWI levels will have additional possible suspension periods to be aware of.

Can I drive while my license is suspended?

You need to get an occupation driver license. For more information about a Texas Occupational Driver’s License click the following link

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Author: Eric Torberson

Eric Torberson is a licensed attorney in Texas as well as licensed in the federal courts of the southern and western districts of Texas.