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Call Us For Is immediate Help. Attorney Eric Torberson has been very successful helping his clients in court in Johnson City, Texas. With a tremendous amount of Blanco County Criminal Defense training and experience.

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Blanco County, Texas has 2 major roadways passing through it. Highway 281 runs north and south and 290 runs east and west. These roads are generally heavily traveled with fast moving traffic. There are many different law enforcement patrols who drive along or are stationary along the different Blanco County roadways.

Blanco County Texas has a population of approximately 11,700 people.

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Eric has trained to defend Texas DWI cases for years. Eric has experience in defending DWI cases in counties all over Texas. For the best chance and best DWI defense lawyer for your situation, you must contact the office via phone or contact form on this page. For Texas DWI cases it is critical to speak to an attorney soon to try and save yourself from a driver’s license suspension.

Blanco County Criminal Lawyer

Let Johnson City, Texas Attorney Eric Torberson help guide you past this criminal defense situation. He has handled a variety of criminal offense charges in Texas. It is only a temporary part of his client’s life. Eric has helped many people move on and start a new chapter after win

Every case has a different set of facts. But my client’s hopes and wishes are the same. They want the best possible outcome. We do not want to lose everything that they have worked for. Most of the time that is not the truth. It’s never as bad as it seems. I really care and work hard for my clients. Get in touch with my office today!

We accept all Misdemeanor and Felony cases. For information of punishment ranges look at Texas Punishments Ranges. Call now with the details so we can discuss options on how to proceed with the case.

Can I Get a Deferred Adjudication for DWI?

Yes you can under certain circumstances. Look more at my blog post

New DWI Law Punishment

As of September 1, 2019 the cost for a DWI increased greatly. There are no longer drivers license surcharges but there are alot more added fines depending on the degree of DWI.

According to the Texas Transportation Code 709 the additional STATE fines for DWI are as follows IN ADDITION to the already existent $2,000, $4,000 or $10,000 fines:

(1) $3,000 for the first conviction within a 36-month period;

(2) $4,500 for a second or subsequent conviction within a 36-month period; and

(3) $6,000 for a first or subsequent conviction if it is shown on the trial of the offense that an analysis of a specimen of the person’s blood, breath, or urine showed an alcohol concentration level of 0.15 or more at the time the analysis was performed.

(c) If the court having jurisdiction over an offense that is the basis for a fine imposed under this section makes a finding that the person is indigent, the court shall waive all fines and costs imposed on the person under this section.

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