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Misdemeanors and Felony cases

You need a Lockhart Texas Criminal Defense Lawyer to safeguard your rights and navigate the legal system. DWI and assault cases are common but I also have handled many other areas of law.

From misdemeanors to felonies, I specialize in providing a thorough defense for your case. Every detail is important to examine for your defense. The police often make mistakes during investigations.

Lockhart Texas Criminal Defense Attorney

From Misdemeanors to Felony charges, you can be confident that I will thoroughly examine your case. From a search, arrest and charge there a number of issues that law enforcement have to comply with. From DWI, assault, domestic violence, theft, alcohol crimes and many more issue contact me.

Many misdemeanor get enhanced to felony cases based on the enhancement statute in the Texas Penal Code. The new case must still be proven beyond a reasonable doubt regardless of what may have happened in the past.

Caldwell County Texas DWI Lawyer

DUI and DWI cases are common charges. First there needs to be a valid reason for the encounter or stop by law enforcement. After that phase there are issues that need investigation. Keep in mind medical conditions and fatigue can mimic intoxication. Initially there is a 15 day window to request a hearing to save the driver license. Call me for a discussion on what needs to happen going forward.

Assault Family Violence

Your concerns are my top priority. A Caldwell County Texas Defense Attorney handling a domestic violence charge needs to be versed in the importance of avoiding an assault family violence charge on a persons record. Future gun ownership is a large problem with these cases. It is important to keep an Assault Family Violence of a person’s record. Not only gun ownership is at stake, but the next accusation of this nature is a Felony Family Violence charge.

Impeding breath or blood during an assault is also a felony charge.

Caldwell County Tx Legal Representation

Legal battles are not just about courtrooms; they are about reclaiming your life. With a Lockhart, Texas Criminal Defense Lawyer by your side, you’re not just hiring an attorney – you’re investing your future.

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