Texas DUITexas DWI
Level of OffenseClass C Misdemeanor (unless 2 prior convictions then Class B)Class B Misdemeanor or higher
AgeLess than 21Any age
Punishment LengthUp to 6 months probation, community service, alcohol or drug awareness programB is 6 months or A is 12 months jail or up to 2 years probation for misdemeanors.
Fine (from court)Max $500 FineClass B is Max $2,000, Class A is $4,000
Drivers License Suspension30-180 days suspension90 days-2 years suspenion
Felony DWI has higher punishments not listed here

DWI vs DUI in Texas

Many people ask what a DWI vs. DUI is. DUI in Texas is a charge for a driver under the age of 21 with any detectable amount of alcohol in their system. DWI can be charged to anyone driving and believed to be intoxicated in Texas. The big question is whether the driver was ‘intoxicated’. Many times the facts surrounding this situation are exaggerated or distorted. Contact us so we can evaluate and make a plan.

Is a DUI or DWI worse in Texas?

A DWI is worse. For a Texas DUI Lawyer the difference in DWI vs DUI is a commonly known distinction. The police can let someone with a DUI charge off with a ticket and a ride home with someone else. They can also arrest the person and place them in jail. For a DWI charge the person will almost always be arrested and taken to jail. With the rare exception being that the person is in the hospital receiving treatment. If charged, they will often be booked into jail at a later time.

The breath testing device in Texas is the Intoxilyzer 9000.


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