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BAC Chart

B.A.C. is blood alcohol content. Blood alcohol levels can vary greatly depending on the person. Some important factors range from body composition of fat, how long ago the last meal, and organ health functions. The state must prove a driver was intoxicated at the time of driving to prove DWI or DUI beyond a reasonable doubt.

Take a look at the following National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Blood Alcohol Level chart to determine BAC for Women and also separately BAC for Men. BAC is based on number of drinks over time. A BAC chart is only a guide based on a limited study. Individuals can vary based on other factors.

NHTSA’s Alcohol Effects Listed on Their Website

Blood Alcohol
Typical EffectsPredictable Effects on
.02Some loss of judgment
Slight body warmth
Altered mood
Decline in visual functions (rapid tracking
of a moving target)
Decline in ability to
perform two tasks at
the same time (divided
.05Exaggerated behavior
May have loss of
small-muscle control
(e.g., focusing your
Impaired judgment
Usually good feeling Lowered alertness
Release of inhibition
Reduced coordination
Reduced ability to
track moving objects
Difficulty steering
Reduced response to
emergency driving
.08Muscle coordination
becomes poor (e.g.,
balance, speech,
vision, reaction time,
and hearing)
Harder to detect
Impaired judgment,
self-control, reasoning,
and memory
Short-term memory
Speed control
Reduced information
processing capability
(e.g., signal detection,
visual search)
Impaired perception
.10Clear deterioration
of reaction time and
Slurred speech, poor
coordination, and
slowed thinking
Reduced ability to
maintain lane position
and brake appropriately
.15Far less muscle control
than normal
Vomiting may occur
(unless this level is
reached slowly or a
person has developed
a high tolerance for
Significant loss of
Substantial impairment in vehicle
control, attention to
driving task, and in
necessary visual and
auditory information
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