How do I get my license back after suspension in Texas?

Getting your Texas driver license back will depend on the reason it is suspended. In the mean time you can get an Occupational Driver License. This is not the same as a hardship license in Texas. Those are utilized by teenagers prior to being licensed.

How do I get my license reinstated?

Sometimes it is as simple as paying a reinstatement fee. For someone arrested for DWI or DUI in Texas, their license likely was suspended for a period of time. For a minor (under 21) first time DUI or DWI it would be 60 days. The minimum suspension for an adult charged with DWI is 90 days if a voluntary breath or blood test were administered. A $125 reinstatement fee is paid to the Texas DPS here below.

How much is a reinstatement fee in Texas?

Generally a reinstatement fee is $125. There is a small fee if using a card to pay it online. If there is an occupational license getting filed there is also a $10 fee for that per year that it is active.

Can you check to see if your license is suspended in Texas?

Absolutely, the link to check your Texas license status is right here

How do you get an occupational license in Texas?

We do occupational driver license’s in Texas. You will need to have SR-22 insurance either through your current insurance or another insurance company. The occupational license will only be valid with SR-22 insurance on file with the DPS. Also a driver must order a Type AR Certified Abstract of Driving Record. A petition and order is then filed with a court and a judge must sign the order for the license to become valid. Once approved and signed, the order is certified at the clerk’s office and sent to the DPS with the $10 occupational license fee. Certain details in the petition will vary depending on the reason for the driver license suspension.

How much can I drive with an Occupational Driver License?

The statute allows 4 hours of driving every 24 hours. This can be expanded to 12 hours every 24 hours with a showing of necessity. The signed order must include:

  • the hours of the day, days of the week allowed driving
  • the reason the driver is driving
  • the areas or routes of travel permitted
  • the person is restricted to a vehicle with an ignition interlock device if required

If there was a DWI involving involving alcohol an ignition interlock device may already be installed on the vehicle. The good news is that this will help expand the hours and routes a person will be able to drive. The occupational license will be valid 24 hours and anywhere in the state.

How much is an occupational license in Texas?

The fees for a Texas Occupational License vary depending on what caused the driver license suspension. Contact our office to get a quote. Below are some estimated costs involved:

  • Reinstatement fee to DPS $125
  • SR-22 $100/mo
  • Order driving record $20
  • Court filing fee $50-$300
  • Attorney fee-call or message us it depends
  • Ignition interlock device $100/mo
  • Ignition interlock device fee to DPS $10
  • Occupational license fee to DPS $10

Can I get an occupational license for a CDL?

Sec. 521.242 of the Texas Transportation Code prevents a CDL driver from operating a commercial vehicle with an occupational license.

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Author: Eric Torberson

Eric Torberson is a licensed attorney in Texas as well as licensed in the federal courts of the southern and western districts of Texas.