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Round Rock DWI Attorney

We get many calls for people accused of a Round Rock Tx DUI or DWI. Unfortunately the most minor traffic violation can get you stopped. This is especially the case if driving late at night. The police follow cars and look for traffic violations knowing that people might be leaving a bar.

If the police smell alcohol it is difficult to convince them that the driver is not intoxicated. They will do tests and most likely arrest whether or not the person is above .08 BAC. After arrest, the police drive the person to the downtown Georgetown jail for a breath test unless the person refuses the test. The officer will then most likely get a blood search warrant for a blood draw. Once arraigned the next morning the person can get out and get their car from the tow yard. It is then time to seek a lawyer for court.

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Experienced in DWI and DUI cases if you are looking for a Round Rock DWI Attorney.

If you are looking for Round Rock Traffic Ticket Lawyer see the information below for the municipal court. Always try for a deferred disposition or driving safety course with tickets to keep them off your record.

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See below for Round Rock Municipal Court information. 

Round Rock Municipal Court

301 West Bagdad Avenue, Suite 120
Round Rock, Texas 78664

Phone: 512-218-5480 | Fax: 512-218-7079
Open 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday, excluding holidays

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