Texas Punishment Ranges

Below is a chart of punishment ranges from Class C Misdemeanor to Capital Felony. These located in the Texas Penal Code Chapter 12 Punishments Statute.

Degree of CrimePenal CodeIncarceration Fine Range
Capital Felony12.31Life Prison or DeathNone
1st Degree12.32Life or 5-99 Prison$10,000
2nd Degree12.332-20 Prison $10,000
3rd Degree12.342-10 Prison$10,000
State Jail 12.35180-2 years $10,000
State Jail W/ DW12.35(c)2-10 Prison$10,000
Class A Misdemeanor12.210-1 Year Jail$4,000
Class B Misdemeanor12.220-180 Days Jail$2,000
Class C Misdemeanor12.23None$500

Enhanced Misdemeanor Punishment

The following chart contains punishment enhancements available to the state if they choose to use prior convictions.

ClassPenal CodeEnhancementEnhanced Punishment
Class A12.43(a)Prior Class A or
$4,000, 90 days-1 year
Class B12.43(b)Prior Class A, B or
$2,000, 30 days- 180 days
Class C12.43(c)3 Prior Convictions of DOC or Public Intoxication or a combination $2,000 Max and/or 180 days