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Hiring a great defense lawyer does not have to cost a fortune. We have payment plans available. The value will be worth the cost. Each case varies so call to find out more.

Who do I need as my Austin DWI Attorney?

If you are arrested for an Austin DWI, it is critically important to find an attorney who will help you, and not one who will only help take your money. You need to ask about experience, success and training before handing your money and your future over to someone only claiming to be an Austin DWI Lawyer.

You are looking for experience and skill as your attorney’s highest qualities.

Who is the Best Legal Counsel for me?

We handle all areas of criminal law. When you contact us, you will first schedule an appointment or talk by phone. We go over all of the important details. We will talk about the law and defenses.

The facts need to be thoroughly covered especially with how the case will need to be approached. As your lawyer we need to know everything about the accusation in order to be properly prepared during negotiations including a potential trial. 

Criminal Lawyers- Austin Texas, How Do I Choose?

Once you contact an attorney, you will most likely be asked to give a brief summary of the case. Then you should have some prepared questions about the lawyer’s opinion and experience in the particular area of the law. The situation will seem very time sensitive, but selecting the best attorney for you is more important than rushing the decision. 

Should I Call an Attorney in Austin Texas?

We are here for you. Do not hesitate to fill in the contact form or call the number. The consultation is free. We are here to help.

A criminal accusation usually begins with a person being sent to the Travis County Jail.  You can find more information on the website whether they are a Travis County Inmate or not.

While searching for the best criminal defense attorney in Austin, be sure and call us. 

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