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Milam County DWI and assault are some of the most common charges, but not the only cases handled. It is important to ask about experience and success. Call or fill in the contact form and find out now how I can help you. 

Can I get my case dismissed?

Dismissal is the ultimate goal. It takes a skilled attorney to look into all areas of the case to find the problems. The state has the burden of proof for all of the elements of the case. Officers sometimes miss key witnesses and infringe on constitutional rights. You need a qualified lawyer to thoroughly examine the case.

Milam County DWI

When hiring a Cameron Texas DWI Attorney, it is important to hire someone with experience. You also want your attorney to have knowledge on fighting Milam County DWI cases. You need an attorney who can get the charge dismissed or if not at least lowered. Be aware that a new Texas DWI law was passed September 1, 2019 that adds large fines to DWI cases where the arrest was on September 1, 2019 or after. Read our blog for more information

There are many chances to be pulled over anytime or anywhere, and Milam County is no different. If alcohol is involved there may be a need for a Milam, Texas DWI lawyer. While marijuana has been legalized in a few other states, it has not been legalized in Texas, marijuana legalization . Certain Texas counties are not prosecuting marijuana cases. I handle a variety of criminal defense cases. The above are a few of the many cases that I represent.

Assault Defense Lawyer

There are many reasons that as person can be involved in a Cameron Texas assault case. Assault by contact, domestic violence, and aggravated assault are just a few. You need an attorney to answer for you about self-defense (is legal means to protect yourself), intoxicated arguments, or simply an untrue accusations of assault just to name a few. Call for an excellent Cameron Texas assault defense lawyer. The case is only as good as the witness involved. The truth will usually come out, though it may take an eventual trial to find the real story. For more information on resolving an assault or domestic violence case see this link, How can a domestic violence case be dismissed in Texas?

My law office often handles several county courthouses. See my main page for more information.

Attorney Eric Torberson is a veteran of the United States Marine Corps.