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Years of DWI training and experience. I have handled thousands of criminal cases. Many of them are DWI and DUI cases. Feel free to ask questions. Set up an appointment and lets talk about a path forward and a win for you.

A breath or blood test is not an automatic loss. There are other factors that are involved. It is never as bad as it seems.

There are many factors to analyze. The driving, the pulling over, talking, exiting the car, field sobriety test instructions, FST demonstrations, performance, answering question.

Cedar Park DWI Lawyer

Cedar Park makes numerous arrests so you may be in search of a Cedar Park DWI Attorney. Do not hesitate to call.

Department of Public Safety crime statistics recorded that in 2019 Cedar Park Police Department arrested 271 people for DWI. This number does not include other agencies who may have arrests such as DPS and the Williamson County Sheriff’s Department.

In 2018 Cedar Park P.D. arrested 419 people for driving while intoxicated. This also does not include the number from the DPS or Williamson County S.O.

They Did Not Read Me My Rights

Many times the police do not read a person the Miranda Rights. This is because the person is still under the investigatory phase. By the time the cops arrest, they have most of their evidence to put in their report. The person is not free to leave but a gray area in the investigation also makes it not quite an arrest.

When are Miranda Rights Not Required?

A temporary detention allows the cops to investigate whether a crime has been committed. They may have already decided to arrest but will only admit that an investigation in underway to gather facts of the totality of the circumstances. Miranda rights are not immediately given because the police don’t want to risk the person clamming up and wanting an attorney immediately.

Williamson County Criminal Lawyer

Take a look at our Williamson County web page to learn more about a criminal defense attorney in Georgetown Tx where the justice center is located. We care about our clients and help all our clients to be better off than they were before they met us.

Cedar Park Traffic Ticket Lawyer

Cedar Park is growing at an extreme rate. If you have received a speeding, insurance, red light or any other ticket call for help.

Traffic tickets can be tedious to deal with. You do not want them to accumulate on your record. They can affect insurance rates.

When looking for a Cedar Park traffic ticket lawyer be sure to emphasize that you want no worse than deferred disposition to keep the ticket off your record.

Cedar Park Municipal Court information is listed below.

Cedar Park Defense Lawyer

If you have been in arrested in Cedar Park, Tx give us a call. We are experienced in defending cases including Cedar Park DUI and DWI cases in Cedar Park Texas. We handle cases in municipal court as well. We are Cedar Park Traffic Ticket lawyers too. From speeding tickets in Cedar Park to DUI tickets give us a call.

Cedar Park Municipal Court

911 Quest Parkway
Cedar Park, TX  78613
[email protected]

Cedar Park Municipal Court
911 Quest Parkway
Cedar Park, TX  78613

Hours of Operation:
Monday-Friday: 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

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