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Attorney Eric Torberson teaching animal law class at Austin Bar Association

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Eric Torberson
Dangerous Dog Attorney
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2019 Laws for Paws Conference in Austin, Tx.

Hiring A Texas Criminal Defense Lawyer

When you find yourself facing criminal charges in the Lone Star state, your best bet to get treated fairly is going to require hiring a good Texas criminal defense lawyer. This will ensure that you are treated with respect. Your lawyer will also see that you are protected from any unfair legal pitfalls procedurally.

We have offices in Austin, Bryan and if you are looking for a lawyer in Georgetown who is a Williamson County Criminal Defense Attorney, call the number above as well.  In Texas there are a small number of particularly skilled lawyers. It is important to not just hire anyone.

Eric Torberson interviews after defending 6 dogs lives that the state was trying to have killed.
Eric Torberson receiving 2018 State Bar of Texas Award
State Bar of Texas 2018 Animal Law Section Award
Eric Torberson
Dangerous dog lawyer

What Does a Criminal Defense Lawyer Do?

At our appointment you should first bring paperwork stating what the charges are against you. Also bring any proof that you have that helps your case, a list of names of people who can testify for you, and a written account of what happened in your own words. This will also assist the us to give you a straight answer about your chances of winning your case.

The next step is then to go over the events with us. It is important that you are completely honest with your answers and that you do not try and hide anything during this process. Hiding information will usually backfire later, and will very likely cost you in court.

Be prepared to go over your story, the events that have happened, and everything involved with the case multiple times. We and the court will tell you when your court date is, what information you need, and will keep track of any documents that have been given to the state as well. DWI cases for example in Austin, your licence can be affected. You may need a drivers license lawyer in Austin Tx for that issue. We handle those issues as well, such as occupational driver’s licenses.

What Does Going to Trial Mean?

If you may have rejected a plea offer or never were offered a plea, it leaves only a trial to resolve your case. This will be in front of a judge or jury. You can do what’s called an open plea to the judge of jury. But the state has to waive a jury trial if you want only the judge to decide. This is still a trial. It will require entering evidence and testimony from witnesses. We prepare every case for a possible trial. If we do not need a trial at least we were prepared.

What Happens When I Accept a Plea Bargain?

We will find out if a plea agreement is the best direction. But only after deciding if you are actually guilty or could have some responsibility in your case. We will talk about what an agreement will actually mean and how much risk you can save by agreeing to any plea bargains before you sign. Once you sign, you are bound to the terms of that agreement.

Find the Best Criminal Defense Attorney For Your Case

Overall, finding a good lawyer is going to be the best way for you to get ahead of a case that might otherwise ruin your life. Texas has some of the best criminal defense lawyers. At our office we are here to meet all of your legal needs.

If you do need to find legal representation for a crime that you have been accused of, criminal defense lawyers are the type of lawyers you will want to use. We have been trained to defend people that have been accused of all types of crimes. You will be able to set an appointment to present us your information. We can start by talking on the phone and meet up at your convenience.

Attorney Eric Torberson is a veteran of the United States Marine Corps.

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