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Our office handles many other charges including all Misdemeanor and Felony charges in most county courthouses in Texas.

Hiring A Texas Criminal Defense Lawyer

When you find yourself facing criminal charges in the Lone Star state, your best bet to get a fair sentence is going to be hiring a Texas criminal defense lawyer to ensure that you are treated with respect. Thankfully, the state has a number of great lawyers who are focused on the different types of law available. There are a small number of particularly skilled lawyers who have undertaken cases with seemingly insurmountable odds and won on a regular basis. However, the preparation that you do before hiring a lawyer will often be one of the most important things you can do to ensure that you are treated fairly at all times.

You should first make sure to gather paperwork stating what the charges are against you, any proof that you have that you are innocent, a list of names of people who can testify to your lack of guilt, and a written account of what happened in your own words. Take all of this with you when you first meet with the lawyer to ensure that they have everything needed to defend you. This will also ensure that they can give you a straight answer about your chances of winning your case.

The next step is then to go over the events with the lawyer. They will question you to make sure that you are telling the truth, and to see if there are angles that have not been considered before. It is extremely important that you are completely honest with your lawyer and that you do not try and hide anything from them during this process. Hiding information from them will likely backfire later and will very likely cost you the victory that you so need in court.

Be prepared to go over your story, the events that have happened, and everything involved with the case multiple times. Your lawyer will tell you when your court date is, what information you need to have with you when you go into the courtroom, and will keep track of any and all documents that have been given to them as well.

Your lawyer will find out if taking a plea agreement is the best bet if you are actually guilty or could have some responsibility in your case. If they recommend this they are usually doing so to save you time, money, and other problems. Talk with them about what an agreement will actually mean and how much time you can save by agreeing to it before you sign. Once you sign, you are bound to the terms of that agreement and will not have a chance to change the way that you have entered your plea or the terms that come along with the plea as well.

Overall, finding a good lawyer is going to be the best way for you to get ahead of a case that might otherwise ruin your life. Texas has some of the best criminal defense lawyers in the nation to meet all of your legal needs.

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Attorney Eric Torberson is a veteran of the United States Marine Corps.

Our law office often handles several county courthouses including the following:

Brazos (Bryan), Madison (Madisonville), Robertson (Franklin), Grimes (Anderson), Burleson (Caldwell), Washington (Brenham), Lee (Giddings), Bastrop (Bastrop), Milam (Cameron), Gonzales (Seguin), Colorado (Columbus), Fayette (La Grange), Austin (Bellville), Travis (Austin), Williamson (Georgetown), Hays (San Marcos), Caldwell (Lockhart), Blanco (Johnson City), Bell (Belton), Walker (Huntsville) and Waller (Hempstead), San Antonio (Bexar) Counties.
We handle other counties as well. Call us to discuss where your case is presently pending.

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