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There are a variety of different areas of law people need assistance with. This makes sense because because our state and our nation are built on laws. In order for many of our decisions to be enforceable by law, we need the assistance of a lawyer. There are various legal areas that Williamson County Attorneys work in to help a client in need. This article mentions Williamson County, Texas but certainly can apply to other counties around the state and also country. The county seat for Williamson County is Georgetown, Tx, where the courthouse is located. 

Williamson County Attorney General

The attorney general is not confined to particular counties, but covers the whole state. The AG’s office will assist different counties prosecuting certain crimes and will step in to substitute completely to handle criminal matters. They also have a separate list of crimes that they usually prosecute that Texas counties do not normally handle. The attorney general and local authorities have concurrent jurisdiction over crimes involving state property under Chapter 1 Section 1.09 of the Texas Penal Code. Some cases the AG will be handling in court will be misuse of state or property funds, abuse of office, and offense against juvenile offenders in state correctional facilities. Others are human trafficking, fraud, white collar crimes, and certain violent offenses. 

Williamson County Child Support Attorney

Many family law related interactions with the attorney general’s office revolve around child support. Child support court hearings include paternity and back child support issues. If the father doesn’t maintain payments he can be subject to jail time. Sometimes the father is in possession of the child and the mother is making child support payments.

The child support amount can be the issue after a divorce with court ordered child support in the divorce decree. Also child support can be the issue regardless of whether the father and mother were ever married. It can be ordered after The AG’s child support website page claims their mission is to support Texas families by establishing paternity, obtaining court orders for health and support of children, enforce child support orders, promote emotional involvement of both parents and collaborate with state agencies and community organizations to serve Texas families.

Hiring a child support lawyer can cost a parent between $100 to $500 dollars per hour. So even an uncontested case can cost $2,500 to $5,000. It can be much more for a contested case. 

Williamson County Criminal Lawyer

The Williamson County Jail has quite a few visitors through its doors. Williamson County has a large law enforcement presence. While driving in Williamson County, a person will frequently see police cars driving around. This gives anyone committing any particular one of various possible violations an opportunity to visit the jail. But it is not just driving laws that bring people to jail. A popular criminal accusation is also assault that may require a Georgetown domestic violence attorney. That offense can take place driving or at home. Once the police arrive, most likely someone is going to jail for this type of accusation. If someone is arrested for drunk driving, that’s when a Georgetown DWI Lawyer will need to be called in to take care of the situation in court. Of course there are drug cases, theft, etc. and the misdemeanor and felony versions of each of these alleged crimes. 

 Family Law Attorney Georgetown Tx

Like any county, Williamson County has family law attorneys. Divorce, child custody, and support issues are constantly happening. The courthouse is in Georgetown, Tx but that does not mean that the family law attorneys all office in Georgetown. Some people have used or prefer a Round Rock family lawyer. Family court in Georgetown is always packed with cases. It does not show that it is slowing down anytime soon.

If possible, it is least expensive to try and go with an uncontested divorce. That mean agreeing on EVERY SINGLE ITEM of property that will be divided between the divorcing couple. When arguing about property, custody, or child support begins, that’s where the legal bills start adding up. In Texas property is considered separate or community property depending on when and how it was attained. 

Georgetown Estate Planning Attorney

As with other areas of law, Georgetown estate planning lawyers are needed. Having a will is important. It saves loved ones or friends so much time and effort after a person’s death. A person’s belongings and assets will need to be used to pay off debts before a person’s property can be disbursed. Taxes and debts can consume much of left over property.

Funeral expenses can be costly and the type of funeral is often determined by how much is left to pay for them. Many times family is left with just the bare minimum option and cremation is the only way to go with no funeral. The best option is to create a will. A will does not eliminate all of the difficulties in court but it helps the court determine the person’s intentions. When someone dies with a will in Texas, the law requires that the assets be distributed by the executor to the beneficiaries under a court’s supervision.

When dying without a will in Texas, the code dictates that property is distributed through intestate succession. The executor, once appointed by the court, must gather all of the deceased person’s assets pay the creditors, debts and taxes. Some assets that do not need to go through probate are jointly owned assets and assets in trust. 

Immigration Attorney

Williamson county is not extremely close to a Federal Courthouse. But immigration still affects the Wilco population. Non citizens are sometimes arrested in Williamson County and are subject to deportation proceedings. It is advisable for criminal attorneys to seek immigration attorney advice or encourage their non-citizen clients to get immigration advice before pleading to a criminal offense. Pleas to criminal offenses can have permanent consequences for people and permanently bar future citizenship. A non-citizen can seek refugee status or asylum if suffered persecution or fear of being persecuted for reasons of race, religion, nationality, and/or belonging to a certain social group or political opinion.

Texas Civil Rights Attorney

There are various civil rights issues for lawyer who focus on this area. But the most prominent and breathtaking is the work that the Innocence Project is doing. The project attorneys are getting people who have been in prison and on death row for years out and proven innocent. Many of these people are getting exonerated with DNA testing. “To date, 362 people in the United States have been exonerated by DNA testing, including 20 who served time on death row.” This is amazing. But it’s even more scary that so many innocent people are in prison. It will make a person wonder just how many innocent people have been executed or died in prison without having the opportunity to be exonerated.  Many of the cases have similar stories of a violent crime occuring.

The FBI analyst or an FBI trained analyst will give false testimony of the matching physical evidence. An audit released in 2015 found that in 268 cases where the FBI used microscopic hair analysis to link a defendant to a crime, they were wrong 96 percent of the time. Williamson County has its own historical catastrophe convicting Michael Morton for the murder of his wife that he did not commit. These stories make it critical that there are civil rights attorneys willing to take on these cases. 

Author: Eric Torberson

Eric Torberson is a licensed attorney in Texas as well as licensed in the federal courts of the southern and western districts of Texas.