Canyon Lake BWI

When operating a boat on Canyon Lake it is good to be familiar with the state and local laws. Having alcohol on the lake can be really fun. There are certain roles where alcohol is frowned upon after a certain number of drinks. Driving a boat or any motorized water craft subjects the driver to BWI or Boating While Intoxicated accusations.

Being over .08 BAC while operating a boat on Canyon Lake can be a problem. It can lead to having to do field sobriety tests on a rocking boat and a breath or blood test to determine blood alcohol content.

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Can I have Alcohol on Canyon Lake?

It is allowable to have alcohol in the boat on Canyon Lake. The open container law applies to cars but not boats.

What Can Happen Driving a Boat Drunk?

If a boat operator is proven to have been driving a boat intoxicated the punishment is the same as a DWI. Below are the punishments for the different BWI charges.

Offense LevelMax FineMax Jail Time
BWI First Offense$2,000180 days
BWI Second Offense$4,000360 days
BWI Third Offense$10,00010 years

The above negotiable punishments do not include the September 1, 2019 law changes that created expensive state issued fines on top of the county fines listed above.

In the Texas Transportation Code Chapter 709 the following new nonnegotiable additional miscellaneous traffic fines exist where there used to only be significantly less surcharge costs-

DWI or BWI Conviction LevelState Fine
First Conviction within 36 month period$3,000
Second or Subsequent Conviction within 36 month period$4,500
First or Subsequent Conviction with .15 BAC or Higher$6,000

The above state fines are not negotiable and are mandatory for a DWI final conviction. Once again these are in addition to the county assessed fines that take place in court where there is a conviction.

Author: Eric Torberson

Eric Torberson is a licensed attorney in Texas as well as licensed in the federal courts of the southern and western districts of Texas.