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Portable Breath Test Use By Law Enforcement

First of all portable breath tests or PBTs for short are not admissible in court in Texas. They are not proven reliable enough to be used for scientific or alcohol measurement purposes. They are not proven to be accurate enough within a certain acceptable range. The police still use them for the purpose of confirming their investigation into whether there is a probable chance that there is enough alcohol in a person’s system to make them arrestable. Many officers are now not reporting the portable breath test result number since it is not admissible. Sometimes law enforcement does report it in their written reports and by showing it to the video camera on their vehicle. This can be a problem later because the alcohol result is not admissible in trial, which requires the prosecutor to have the video redacted so as not to be shown to the jury during trial. When offered to take a test by the law enforcement officer, there is no requirement to take it. If a person blows over .08, the probability to go to jail is greatly increased. If the person blows lower than .08,  the likelihood of being arrested all depends on the law enforcement officers temperament. If a person is not sure if they are over or under the legal limit, than they should simply decline to blow into it.

Portable Breathalyzer Breath Test

Some people carry their own portable breath test devices. This can be useful to blow into before driving after drinking. It can be a safe way to gauge whether there is a chance that the driver would be over the .08 limits. A person would want to buy the best portable breathalyzer in order to have the most accurate result. There could be serious consequences at stake and to purchase an inaccurate device would not be a great choice. The portable breath test device can be used for personal use, as well to let party guests decide if they are able to drive home based on how they feel and what their portable breath test results are. These devices, like all machinery, have a life cycle. After so many uses it can be calibrated or replaced. They wear out after so many uses like most other devices. Click the image below to take a look at more information and also to purchase this particular model.

Author: Eric Torberson

Eric Torberson is a licensed attorney in Texas as well as licensed in the federal courts of the southern and western districts of Texas.

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