Texas Penal Code Criminal Trespass

What is Notice of Criminal Trespass Texas? Notice is a very important consideration when proving someone is trespassing.  Notice of trespassing in Texas is defined as any one of the following-oral or written communication, fencing, signs, purple painted vertical lines, or crops.  “Notice” means: (A)  oral or written communication by the owner or someone with apparent … Continue reading “Texas Penal Code Criminal Trespass”

Interfering With Emergency Call

Usually this is an accusation is associated with other charges such as a Texas domestic violence charge known as assault family violence. It is known as Interference with a 911 call or Emergency Call for Assistance. Sec. 42.062. INTERFERENCE WITH EMERGENCY REQUEST FOR ASSISTANCE.  What Happens When You Interfere With an Emergency Call? Our experience is is that … Continue reading “Interfering With Emergency Call”

Williamson County Attorneys

There are a variety of different areas of law people need assistance with. This makes sense because because our state and our nation are built on laws. In order for many of our decisions to be enforceable by law, we need the assistance of a lawyer. There are various legal areas that Williamson County Attorneys … Continue reading “Williamson County Attorneys”

Will a Misdemeanor Affect a Background Check?

This question on whether a misdemeanor will affect a background check is too vague and needs to be more specific to answer accurately. So maybe the question should be this…. Will Dismissed Charges Affect Employment? The answer is maybe. At least in Texas an arrest will show up on a background check until it is … Continue reading “Will a Misdemeanor Affect a Background Check?”

What is the Punishment for a DWI in Texas 3rd Offense?

When a person asks about the repercussions of a DWI in Texas 3rd offense unfortunately is means that they already have had previous DWI convictions beginning with a… DWI in Texas First Offense A person really wants to avoid the first offense with a strong desire. Once a DWI first offense gets on a person’s … Continue reading “What is the Punishment for a DWI in Texas 3rd Offense?”